Seismic Associates Ltd. environmental team, helps our clients build healthy and mutually beneficial relationships in the communities they serve.

Seismic Associates Ltd. multidisciplinary teams deliver an integrated, ecological, environmental and social management services that may be required as part of a “social license” process.

Our associates work with each client to balance the complex environmental, social and economic factors presented with a development project and develop sustainable solutions in conjunction with stakeholder groups and regulatory agencies.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

Seismic Associates Ltd. is able to conduct Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) to meet local and international standards, identify sustainable cost-effective design, project permits and financing

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Services

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) has become a critical tool to identify project risks that can lead to costly project delays. Seismic Associates Ltd. ESIA teams are at the forefront of understanding both local and international standards, whilst considering the Equator Principles of the International Finance Corporation.

ESIA is a comprehensive, concept-to-completion approach that involves all stakeholders from the start, relies upon sound science at every stage and works to achieve sustainable development throughout a project’s lifecycle.

We have found that this approach builds positive stakeholder relationships, identifies and solves problems early on, effectively manages risks, avoids costly scheduling delays and, ultimately, identifies those social license items that require change in order to operate.

Seismic Associates Ltd. can assemble multidisciplinary associate teams using scientists in:

  • Physical disciplines such as hydrology, water quality, noise and air quality
  • Biological disciplines including terrestrial and aquatic ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Social disciplines including health, cultural sciences and socio-economics
  • Stakeholder engagement and social management strategies, policies and practices