Seismic Associates Ltd. have senior former military special forces personnel who are able to respond, and support, any security threat either onshore or offshore.

Seismic Associates Ltd. have greater than 30 years experience of security services and response throughout the African continent. Recent operations have required us to operate for seismic services and have dealt with the preparation and planning for operations in the Gulf of Aden and East Africa.

Somali based Piracy has reduced significantly over recent years and now seems to be limited to occasional reported approaches and un-confirmed sightings.

Utilising the principles of  BMP4 guidelines, prove to be effective, our connections with Security Analysts constantly re-assess the possible threats and how they can be mitigated and managed. By providing appropriate and timely training before deployment to a High Risk Area, during and after operations we are able to garner support from the personnel being protected.

Our security associates operate on a ‘No Risk’ basis and will utilize the experience and knowledge of protection methods gained throughout their security career. The security associates will embark a client’s  vessel as ‘Ship Security Consultants’, to plan, train and advise the Master, ensuring the vessel transits safely through areas of High Risk. Our team is very conversant with all known high risk areas.

Seismic Associates Ltd. only deploy operatives with a minimum of 5 years’ experience and who have experienced multiple transits.

Seismic Associates Ltd. are committed to providing highly qualified Ships Security Consultants for a multitude of tasks, with 24 hours support.

Seismic Associates Ltd. are able to provide training for crew and shore personnel in the areas of Surviving Hostage Taking and Ransom. This training is undertaken by highly experienced and successful ransom negotiators.

Seismic Associates Ltd. are able to liaise with Insurance companies. P&I clubs, crew and families to ensure all concerned parties are comfortable with the projects that they are undertaking.